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Watch Mr, Jones's Sit Down Interview

Adrian Jones is a native of Birmingham Alabama. After joining the military in 2005, at the age of 18, he started playing ball for the Marines. In 2010, he got his chance to coach high school ball at Oceanside High School in California. He coached the Freshman and JV girls team leading them to a 10-2 record. Coach Jones then moved to New Bern North Carolina in 2012. He started volunteering at the local YMCA coaching 5th-12 grade. In 2014, he started the New Bern Wolves which in 2016 became the Wolves Basketball Association. Currently, the program is known as the Carolina Wolves Basketball Association. In 2018, Coach Jones started coaching at Tucker Creek Middle School as the girls’ head coach. He led the team to the semi-finals back-to-back, which had not been accomplished in over 10 years. Coach Jones has been a pillar in the New Bern community for almost eight-years and continues teaching, molding, and developing young student-athletes. 

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