Beginner’s Guide on Becoming a Professional Basketballer

Yearly, 60 new pros are drafted into the professional basketball. If you have great endurance, play the game well and continue to practice consistently, you may become a professional player the world has never seen. There are a lot to learn if you want to become a pro – gym habits, speed cranking, aggressive moves, accurate passes, explosive rebounding and many more. But as the popular saying goes, the journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step. Let us expose the mindset of a professional basketballer to you right when they are still a beginner, you will find it very helpful!

1. Invest in comfortable kits

This is the very first step and you must take it serious. Get a good pair of basketball shoes that will give you good balance, cushion after jump, and excellent friction for running. Decide on the best type to go for depending on your position.

2. Master all the rules of the game

As a sport you that you dream to go pro in, you must learn and know all the rules like A-B-C. If you know all the rules, you get comfortable playing the game and identify potential problem when there is sign of one. Consistency is key, you learn by practice and playing every time.

3. Be physically and mentally fit

Basketball is a challenging physical and mental sport. Hit the gym and work out regularly. To beat your opponent, you have to outrun and outlast them and the only way to achieve this is to be in great shape. Do push-ups, leg-lifts, jump rope, and so on.

4. Hone your dribbling skill

Put great focus on your dribbling skills, especially with your weaker hand until you are very good on both hands. Dribble the ball around the court as many times as possible. Always keep your head up while dribbling and dribble as fast as possible while maintaining balance.

5. Hone your shooting and jumping skill

Include shooting practice in your daily routine, do it at various positions on the basketball court. Most importantly, learn what your best basketball shooting range is and always aim to shoot the ball at that zone. During any throw, strive to maintain balance, keep eye on the basket rim and follow through with the ball. As a rule of thumb, you should not miss any undefended throw. Vertical Jumping skill is also crucial and should not be overlooked. How high a basketballer can jump will determine the efficiency of collecting rebounds, and blocking shots and shoots.

6. Master all the drills

Basketball drills are not so easy for beginners, you have to be determined to know them and put up constant practice. You don’t need to bounce the ball very hard when dribbling, only dribble at your knee level and bounce the ball gently to stay in control. Some drills you can practice for a start include superman drill, buddy drill, kill drill, and foot drills.

7. Get a game mentor and study pro players

Join a team, get a personal coach trainer and watch other professional basketballers play on the field. You can learn a great deal of movement, defense and attacking tactics.

If you a youth admiring to be a pro, the best way to start is to join a youth team like Carolina Wolves Basketball Association. We can be your starting point to learn the game, play in inter-state and inter-city competitions where your skills can be noticed. You can call Coach Jones on 252-220-0123 for a one-on-one or general advice.

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