To our Player and Parents

Good Morning,

I would like to start off by saying I miss you all and I hope everyone has been doing well during this pandemic. The world is slowly opening back up but safety is still a priority. I'm uncertain at this time when we will actually be participating in a tournament. A Zoom meeting is held weekly for player interaction, to cover new drills, updates, etc. Uniforms haven't arrived yet due to the plants closing (due to Covid-19).We are a year round program, so as soon as we are clear to start back practicing and playing we will. All players are covered from April-March. All I ask is for everyone to continue to be understanding. Continue to work, grind, ball, and remember we are family!!!!

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We are always inspired by what players and parents share with us. Even with little to no advertisement, we get more young people enrolled in this program in the community. We believe these are results