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We are always inspired by what players and parents share with us. Even with little to no advertisement, we get more young people enrolled in this program in the community. We believe these are results of the positive impacts shared by parents and players.

“Taking part in CWBA program meant a lot to my son because he had a chance to make new friends. He was a victim of bully at school, which has made it hard for him to socialize. Enrolling him for membership in CWBA has made him much happier, boost his confidence, and he is now enjoying school than ever before.” – Elizabeth

“I have lived with my mom for years before I move to New Bern to stay with my Dad and Stepmom. It a brand new experience for me and I retracted into my shell without socializing and as expected. I heard of Coach Jones’ youth basketball team and I thought I could use that as an excuse to stay away from the house. That decision actually changed my life for better. I met new friends, had opportunity to take leadership role, and I became more confident, friendly and pleasant to people. Now I believe Basketball is beyond sport, it creates bond and change life”

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Our job as a coach's is to:

1. Believe in you 2. Challenge you 3. Be patient with you 4. Listen to you 5. Get to know you 6. Empower you 7. Push you to want more 8. Lead you 9. Love you 10. Equip you for the game (AND f



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