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Makayala Greulich

I had a really good experience with Coach Jones. I would go home every day with something new I learned ranging from ball-handling skills to offense, and to defend. You would push the team to their full potential. If we weren't trying our hardest you would make us do it again. You made the practices both challenging but fun with control. The team went from never played before to playing for many years but you didn't let that show. You taught us how to work as a team and to come back by keeping our heads up. Sometimes I went home sore depending on what we did that day but I thought he's just trying to get us stronger. In the 2 years I played for you, you never let anyone give up on themselves.


Jaheim' Parent

Working with Coach Jones has given Jaheim the push he needs to keep him focused and all in when training/playing Basketball. He gives them the push they need to better themselves and to work harder. Traveling and playing different teams around the eastern side of NC has given the kids different challenges to overcome and I enjoy seeing them progress. Seeing how far Jaheim has come with Basketball is amazing to me because he’s only been playing for about 3 years and with the help of his coach and playing up he’s only getting better, Thank you, Coach Jones!

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